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AHOY there!!!
Dreams tempt us to faraway place...and enticing surroundings will prompt new discoveries, wherever your explorations may lead. Floating Impressions offers you marine-inspired personal pleasures and treasure...furnishings, colour impacts, apparel, jewelry, sophisticated communications and entertainment equipment, cooking enhancements, and many other personal cruising comforts. Our inspirations arise from dreaming and exploring aboard CatNirvana, our exquisite 'blue water' floating gallery. We invite you to EXPLORE your senses, DREAM your journey and DISCOVER yourself.



Floating Impressions Nauti-Hats are the ideal all-purpose hat for outdoor fun. The Natuti-Hats are cleverly designed for protection from the elements with a firm wide brim in front and a soft cape at the back. The soft one-size-fits-all material comes with a draw string to snug the hat comfortably on every head; a clip to secure the hat against loss in the wind; and an open weave inner liner for breathing in hot conditions. The Nauti-Hats are a great combination of good looks, comfortable wear, and value...a must-have for every Floating Impressions Crew Member!